Bird Proofing Solutions Australia!

Bird Proofing Solutions Australia

Do you have a problem with birds fouling you premises and equipment, breeding and nesting causing a potential fire hazard and health risk?

Bird Proofing Solutions Australia has the experience and quality products to solve your problem, be it your house, industrial shed, warehouse, city building, school, aeroplane hangar, farm or grain shed.

We use bird proof netting and bird spikes which are humane, proven products. We have the strategies to rid pigeons, sparrows, Indian Minors and other pest birds.

If the site is filthy with bird droppings, we can also solve this with our high pressure cleaning service.

Servicing Toowoomba, Darling Downs, Gatton, Lockyer Valley, Ipswich, Brisbane and Logan areas. For larger pest bird problems, we also service many parts of Australia. Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide etc

Contact us today for a site inspection and assessment to discuss the best bird proofing solution for your problem.

Clean, Safe, Secure!